Thursday, December 31, 2009

Life is good, God is better!

Last year at this time, I was looking at my life, wondering how I was possibly going to get through the new year with no counseling. I had just finished with my counselor, and was scared I couldn't do it on my own.

I was right. I couldn't.
But God did.

There were many things that He helped me do this year.

He prompted me to sign up for the conference "She Speaks" through Proverbs 31 Ministries. I prepared my talks, I went, I made new friends, I spoke... I also learned a ton!

God got me involved in the leadership team that is helping plan our church's first women's retreat (coming in February).

He also gave me a part time job as the administrator for my church.

Those are 3 big things that I didn't think I would be doing any time soon. Looking into 2009 last year, I had no idea those things were on the horizon (though I did suspect that She Speaks was).

God has blessed me in so many ways this year. Though I haven't written as much as I did the first year, I am just finishing my second year of blogging. I still have been able to write, and not just "newsy" stuff, but heart stuff too.

He has given me friendships through my blog and through Facebook that I would have never thought possible.

He helped me work through and memorize 24 verses through the Siesta 1st and 15th Scripture Memory challenge through the LPM blog. Some of them are a bit fuzzy now.... but I still have them there, and I still had them as I needed them for the circumstances I faced.

He helped me get a solo in Wausau Lyric Choir last spring. Did a major healing in me through that concert alone. And then He asked me to step down from it this year. It has made me sad, but right now, I know it would be too much and I wouldn't be able to enjoy it.

I got to go, with several miracles on God's part, with a friend to the Living Proof Live event in Green Bay this year.

Jesus has led me through some life coaching with a dear friend.... and helped me walk with that same friend through some rough times of her own this fall and winter.

One thing that I didn't accomplish was getting finished with writing about She Speaks and all that I learned there. I kind of left you all hanging there... at Part 8 I think... when I was done with all my portion of the speaking, and going in to hear Jennifer Rothschild speak to us.

I guess I will have to finish up writing about She Speaks this coming year!

There is that familiar phrase that everyone uses (almost, it seems anyway) "Life is good." It's even its own clothing label now.

Life IS good....
Because GOD is good.

Whether the circumstances are good or not.... and they aren't always good...... God is in them. He is good. He loves each and every one of us so dearly.

And that is what makes life good.

Because even in the dark, in the light, and in the in-between God is there with us. He holds us, no matter how far away we push Him.... He stays there. With us.


Life is good....
.... but God is better!

May God bless you and yours this day and all the ones to come.


Clay Feet said...

As I was reading through your list I was already forming the words to remind you that...

But you beat us to it and reminded yourself about the unfinished She Speaks report. Yes, you definitely left us hanging and I am for one still hanging on hoping to hear the exciting rest of the story. We love you and don't want to lay a guilt trip on your or anything but.... it sure would be delightful.

Yolanda said...


This "rocked"! I'm so thankful for you and your heart for Jesus. Amen, life is good, GOD IS BETTER!


Cindy said...

Amen Sweet Girlfriend! God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good!
Love you!

Deb said...

What a beautiful summation of your life in 2009.

How what you knew that you couldn't do on your own God did.

For you. In you. Through you.

You know, you bless me and teach me through your writing.

I'm really glad that God brought us together through blogging.

Hope that 2010 brings you even closer to Him.

And that you finish your She Speaks series...whenever you have time.

Sweet dreams.

Leah Adams said...


Wow!! What a powerful testimony!! I am blessed by the reading of it. God has worked in amazing ways in your life and your faithfulness to testify about it just pleases Him so.

Thank you for participating with us in Challenge 2010 and for linking to it on your blog. I am so glad that we are doing this challenge and it will pay huge dividends for the rest of our lives.

God bless you, sister.


Ebbie said...

oh, Friend...i've been waiting to sit down and read this since you linked on my blog...waiting for a moment to really focus.

worth the wait. of course.

this is wonderful - and, you know, i needed to be reminded today that He is good REGARDLESS of the circumstances.

love you...

p.s. how about SheSpeaks10? um, roomie? :)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Very good post, Heather. In reflection, it seems to have been a very fruitful year for you. I know if doesn't seem like it, but reading it here seems like a fullness you didn't expect or anticipate. God will do even more in and through you this coming year.