Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Advent of Trust #7; Blizzard

Tonight we are under a blizzard warning. My husband is up at work, at the hospital. He probably got off at about 11-11:30pm. Normally he would be home by midnight. In good conditions.

I have no idea what the conditions are like out on the highway (the way that he needs to take home). It's hard to tell from my front window how the streets are, but they are well snow covered, and there have been no signs of plows on our street.... because they are all concentrating on the main roads.

Hopefully the reason he is late is because he decided to try to take the surface streets (really long way home). Or, better yet, he is covering for someone at the hospital couldn't get in.


Just called his work. As of right now he is driving home.

And now he is home.

Just another time where I have to try to hang onto the peace that Jesus gives. Rather than give way to that fear and worry.

Praise God, he is home. He is safe.
Jesus is good.

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Julie Gillies said...

Hi Heather,

We watched the news and WOW those blizzards are packing a wallop! I'm so glad your husband arrived home safe. Believe it or not, we MISS the snow here in Florida. Enjoy the beauty!