Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Advent of Trust #8; the world, the flesh and the devil

I find that I am writing these advent posts mostly for myself. It is hard for me to keep up, and even harder when I start focusing on "doing it for others." If I start looking at this blog as more than the something I started it with, it's going to get out of balance in my life.

So, with that in mind... Hopefully my tone will change a bit here as I write, more for me and God than a specific focus on others. I just hope that it will resonate with others, and that God will use it for what it is, how He wants, in others lives.


I have definitely seen a theme for me of fearing and trusting. They are so the opposite of each other.

Over and over we hear God say in the Bible, "Do not be afraid, I am with you." He says it many different ways, but the same message.

I need to hear that every day. I walked into work today, totally relaxed and at peace. Went through a meeting and had total peace about it.

Now, my stomach is in knots again. I don't even know why for sure. I mean, I have a bunch of stuff I want to get done around the house again. I want to help out my friend Cindy again this weekend, but also need to prioritize my family.... and the knots get bigger. So why should that throw me into such a tizzy all the time? Why am I so prone to anxiety and tension?

Probably because I start leaning on my own understanding again. Trying to figure out stuff on my own... my own flesh taking over.

I also look to the world, and how "everyone else" seems to have their lives all together. I start letting the world dictate how I think I should be living my life, independent, "free" to do what I want and when, ease and prosperity.

Then the enemy gets in there too.

Listen to this quote from "Jesus Calling" a devotional by Sarah Young.

"Do not be surprised by the fiery attacks on your mind. When you struggle to find Me and live in My Peace, don't let discouragement set in. You are engaged in massive warfare, spiritually speaking. The evil one abhors your closeness to Me, and his demonic underlings are determined to destroy our intimacy. When you find yourself in the thick of battle, call up on My Name: 'Jesus, help me!' At that instant, that battle becomes Mine; your role is simply to trust Me as I fight for you."

That trust isn't always so simple.

When the world, the flesh and the devil pull me away from His Peace, I need to remember to call on His name, as simple as saying, "Jesus, help me!" He will help, His help is already on the way.

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