Saturday, December 5, 2009

Advent of Trust #4; My Abba Father...

So I will catch up with my Advent posts to that I am actually doing a post on the right day and end up with 25. But today wasn't the day.

I spend the day with my dear friend who is recovering from surgery.

I fed her my homemade chicken noodle soup. And some ice cream.

We were able to talk (way more than I thought we would, I was sure I would get a lot of writing and reading done today....)

And we were able to laugh.

She still is in pain, and still has a long recovery road ahead of her. But this was the most she has moved around, talked and been awake since last week Sunday.

For that, I am SO grateful!
Thank you, Jesus.

My contribution to my Advent of Trust posts for today:
A poem that I wrote as part of a creative exercise in my bible study devotional today.

My Abba Father

You rescued me from despair;
You healed me when I was beyond repair.
You are my shield and my defender.
To you my soul I will surrender.

Your strong love restores, forever stands;
My heart is safe within your hands.
Faithful Redeemer, powerful and just;
In you I will put all of my trust.

Heather Kudla (12-05-09)

A decision, a choice of surrender and of trust.

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