Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sleep... what's that?!

Well, another sleepless night. I should say, I slept the first 4 hours, and then again I woke up. This time it wasn’t at 4:30, it was 3am. Sigh. I seem to be going backwards. Oh to be able to live without having to take medication to sleep. When I could relax and fall asleep, without every little noise waking me up and sending me into a panic attack. When I woke up, I prayed, recited scripture, prayed some more for my friends and family… nothing. Finally I moved from the bedroom to the couch. There I huddled for a while under a blanket, my brain awake, unable to find the shut off switch, with a cat on my feet. (Amazing how comforting that is…) I was probably there about an hour. And eventually after some more prayer and a bunch of tears, I felt tired enough to try again. I went back to bed about 5am, and at 5:30 Dave got up. Luckily by that point I was sleepy enough that I was able to fall right back asleep… until Marina woke me at 7:30.

These early morning ramblings are not fun. Especially when the doctor is giving me medication to sleep, and it only works for the first 4 hours. We shall see how tonight goes. Time to change the dosage. I would do about anything for 8 consecutive hours of sleep.

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