Monday, January 7, 2008

Love vs. Like...

Some questions from church this week.
“Do you believe that God loves you?”
Most people can answer that question, “Yes.” But what about this one?

“Do you believe that God LIKES you?”
That is a harder one to answer, isn’t it? Are you able to believe that God not only loves you, but LIKES you… enjoys you, likes being with you, likes everything about you, even when you don’t DO things that He likes? God is our Daddy God. He loves to lavish blessings on us, just like a good father or mother, He wants to see us follow His guidance, but if we don’t, He still loves us and cherishes us. Especially when we climb up into His lap, tell Him that we are sorry, and cuddle with Him, like my 4 year old son does when he has done something wrong, and wants to be assured of my love, and that he is ok still.

One of the things that I noted was that it is really hard to believe that God likes you, if you don’t like yourself inside. Can you believe the truths about yourself that God says… that you are fearfully and wonderfully made? Can I?

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