Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Prayer for discernment...

This is a picture of the Pastor and his wife, from our sister church in Sumy, Ukraine. Well, the other day Dave (my husband) asked me if I was going to a meeting at our church. I was surprised he asked me, because it was a meeting to see who might be interested in going to our church’s sister church in Ukraine. I went there about 5 years ago, this coming summer, with Dave when I was about 5 months pregnant with my son. Since then we have sent teams over to help with summer camps for kids, a wilderness deaf camp, construction on their new church building, and to just learn about them, from them, and just come alongside and love them. Once you have gone there, your life will never be the same. I made a very good friend over there, and named my daughter Marina after her. Two summers ago Dave went again with a team that ministered to the deaf over in Ukraine, we sent along a deaf couple from our church with a couple of interpreters. He asked if I wanted to go to the meeting because he said that it was my turn to go.

Well, after being at the meeting and seeing who was there, considering going, and just hearing about it again, I know that I want to go back. I just don’t know if God is calling me to go this summer or if it is some other time. I would LOVE to go! I mean, it really set a longing in my heart to go back. I was able to picture myself there with the people. It would be so different this time, because I wouldn’t be dealing with sickness due to a pregnancy, just the normal, everyday change of culture and food type of thing. Right now we don’t know if it would be a deaf camp, if we would be helping with construction, or if we would be doing something else.

Our Pastor and someone else from our church, as well as our Executive Minister for our conference and one other person will be going over there Feb. 4th through the 11th or so. When they are there, they will be finding out what our sister church, the First Baptist Church of Sumy, might be looking forward to, and needing help with this summer. So I don’t know what the team would be doing, and as is always the case, it is up in the air and the typical them applies, “flex and obey” — meaning, be flexible, plans will always change, and be obedient to God and what He wants the team to do.

This is where you can come in. Please pray for me as I pray and try to discern if God is calling me to go this summer, or if it will be some other time. I mean I really want to go. I don’t want my wants and desires to overpower what God might be calling me to. One thing I do know, if God wants me to go, He is going to have to provide every bit of money for it. Including the deposit that is due in by Feb. 18th to hold our spot on the trip. This is a very scary part for me. As a family, we really don’t have the funding to send one of us on what we have. God has provided in this way for me before, and I know that He is able to accomplish more than we ask or imagine. I am praying for a clear leading, so I know if God is wanting me to step out in faith. I am also going to be asking my friends and family, and my counselor, for their thoughts and guidance as well. I just want to do God’s will, especially in something that is such a commitment. Thank you for your prayers and may God be glorified!

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