Thursday, February 7, 2008

Story from a friend...

Ok, so I am doing a lot of posts today. But thoughts keep coming to me. The following is a story a good friend and mentor told me, when I was in the midst of another battle between the truth and the lies…

There was a man who was a tour guide in the Holy Land. He would take the big tour buses around the country side, narrating as they went. Invariably they would at some point pass a flock of sheep. The tour guide would start telling the tourists how shepherds worked with their sheep. They would walk in front of the flock, talking, and because they had been raised with him, and knew him, they would follow that shepherd where ever he went.

One day, as the tour guide and a group of people were passing through the countryside, they noticed a flock of sheep and the tour guide launched into the same story. However someone pointed out that the shepherd wasn’t in front of the sheep, he was behind them with a switch, driving them ahead of him, and hitting them if they started to go the wrong way. The tour guide was so incensed with this, that he made the tour bus stop, and he got out to talk to the shepherd.

He yelled at him, “This isn’t the way a shepherd was supposed to guide his sheep. You are supposed to be out in front of them guiding and leading them, not driving them with a switch from behind!”

The man looked at the tour guide for a moment and then said,
“I am not the shepherd. I am the butcher.”

So, my question today is this. Are you feeling led in love, or driven in fear?

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