Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Safe places...

Do you have a safe place, or safe people to be with? What would it be like if we all felt we had somewhere to run to when things started feeling threatening, scary, overwhelming. Where we could feel protected, secure; where we could rest and regroup, get a new perspective, catch our breath.

In my email devotional today, the writer talked about how she was driving on a road down some steep mountains, and saw these runaway ramps for semi trucks that either lost their brakes, or were starting to get out of control. Somewhere they could go to stop and keep from harming themselves or other drivers on the road. She talked about us having runaway ramps built into our lives, before we got out of control, or before we got into a desperate situation. Whether that was a person, or a place or something we did that let off steam or pulled us off the destructive path we were going down.

In her prayer, she asked God to help her find people and places that were safe. It made me think about being in the hospital, and before coming home, they stressed that I had a few people and places that were safe for me to go to. Places that I could run to in times of stress, fear, etc.

Our ultimate safe place is in the arms of our Savior. Our ultimate safe person is our Heavenly Father. Because sometimes we need a tangible place, or a tangible hug, He gives us other people and places to go, where we can sense His presence and His love, through them. I find it so amazing to look at my life right now, and see how He has provided specific people at specific times to minister to me. To be the safety for me that I needed right then and there. Some of it is so simple… my family, a couple of close friends, my small group, my counselor and her office, our church building, the local coffee shop… such simple and unexpected things. But so very precious.

So I end as I started…

Do you have safe people or a safe place to run to in times of desperation? Do you find your ultimate safety in your Savior and God?

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