Friday, March 7, 2008

Thank you for the gift...

Today God gave me a gift. The gift of finding friends online, that I never knew were out there. These are people that I have never met. They may never know that I have read their blogs, or comments posted on other’s blogs. But I consider them friends nevertheless.

Their hearts touch mine. Their hurts mirror mine. Their God is my God. Therefore we are sisters and friends.

What more can I say but thank you for being honest and vulnerable. There are some incredible comments on Renee Swope’s blog that just hit me so hard. I am sitting in a quiet local coffee shop and was just about reduced to tears… especially reading the comment posted by Jamie.

God also gave me the gift of today. Today I was blessed by having my children’s grandparents offer to take my children for the day, and overnight. I have been able to spend time with God, sleep in (!!!!) and the opportunity to do some things around the house… and I discovered that all the power is out in our laundry room with no explanation (yes, I did check the breaker box) So that means no laundry done today!

In the midst of these gifts, I am emotionally tossed around. But I choose to trust that God knows. That He knows me inside and out. He has searched me and he knows my heart. He has tested me and knows my anxious thoughts. He has seen the offensive ways in me, and He WILL lead me in the way everlasting. I need to CHOOSE to follow Him.

Thank you to all of you who showed me today that I am not alone. Even thought I felt that way when I woke this morning, God used you to remind me He is still here in the midst of everything. You may never read this, but Thank You for being open and honest.

God bless you!

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