Thursday, March 27, 2008

A poem...

If you haven’t read my previous post, “Revelation, Transformation, FREEDOM!!!” read that post before you read this one. Trust me, it will make so much more sense!

My dear friend Cindy, after hearing only part of my story, left my house yesterday, and drove home, crying all the way. Out of joy at what God did for me. (Praise God for such a friend and sister to walk along this path with!) When she got home, she told me that God just gave her the following poem, for me.

I was so blessed that I felt I needed to share it with my “blogging” friends as well. It is amazing how our God works, isn’t it?

Enjoy… and I love you all… thank you again for everyone who prayed me through this! Continue praying, I know the enemy doesn’t want this victory to last! I am choosing to stand firm, and not let myself be burdened again by the yoke of slavery! (Galatians 5:1, paraphrased)

Poem for Heather

The peace God gives is priceless
but there is one who lies.
And tries to keep God’s peace concealed
through deception and disguise.

The oozing nasty scary box
was one such vile disguise.
To keep me from what God had planned,
if I’d just look inside.

Today I sat upon His lap
encompassed by His love.
He wondrously transformed the box
to white just like a dove.

The box was tied with ribbon
crimson like His blood.
A sense of peace poured over me
like waters from a flood.

His hands of grace
enabled mine to open up the prize.
I looked inside that gift box
and had a huge surprise.

Inside there lay my wounded heart
with holes and rips and tatters.
And with His Hands, God took my heart,
to Him my healing matters.

He knows what put the tatters there
and He can heal them all.
He’ll be with me till all is healed,
yes all, both large and small.

Cindy Beecher; March 26, 2008

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