Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Grace, a reoccurring theme...

No matter where I turn right now, grace truly is a reoccurring theme. It showed up in the sermon our pastor gave this past Sunday, it has been showing up all the time in the play list I have currently playing on my computer.

Something about grace… I need to understand it, or at least grasp a little bit of the depth of what grace means.


I know that God has given me grace… given me what I don’t deserve. I know that He has blessed me beyond my imagination. I know I have experienced the grace of God. I guess what I want is to know His grace more, understand it more deeply, grasp it more fully, so that I can live it out in my life. So that others can see the Grace of God in my life. If I am filled with His grace to overflowing, then I can give that grace more freely to others in my life… be they strangers or friends or family.

It is interesting to me, that as I struggle to understand the concept of grace, I am going to a counseling center called Charis (pronouced “care-us”) Counseling. Charis is the greek word for grace. They are dedicated to extending grace into hurt lives, and pointing to God’s grace that is lavished so freely on us. That isn’t their main mission statement, but it gives you a general idea.

No matter where I look, I have been seeing reminders of God’s grace. By feeling the peace that He has given me this week, even after I was driving myself NUTS over the weekend!! By being reminded that though it seems easy to give grace to others, I have to learn to extend that same grace to myself.


That is what Tricia says it takes to heal… God’s grace to us, and our grace to ourselves… Truth of God’s Word to combat and replace the lies we believe… Time; time itself doesn’t heal, but it takes time to heal.

I guess I didn’t realize just how much of these things I would need. Especially a better understanding of Grace and how to accept and apply it in my life.

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