Wednesday, June 30, 2010

strength and mourning...

The last few mornings I have been waking up and before I even step out of bed, between the snoozes, I have been praying.

It has been a really good way to wake up.

Through that, and trying to be intentional about praying in the car as I drive anywhere, my days have started out with prayer and worship.

God has been using these things, and others to build me up and strengthen me. I have been feeling a peace and a deeper sense of what I would call joy I guess.... even in the midst of depression.

My emotions have stabilized out somewhat.

To God be the glory, because I know where I was at about 3 weeks ago!

Now one of my dear friends, almost like a mother to me, Sandy, is facing losing her husband to colon cancer.

They have been through so much as a couple - I think I have mentioned them here before. Her husband, Henry is at home on hospice. He hasn't been eating or drinking much of anything. He had a really rough night last night.

This weekend the whole family was going to get together to celebrate some shared birthdays. However this morning Henry asked Sandy, in a clear moment, to call the kids and have them come today.

Sandy asked me to pray that once the kids got there to say goodbye, that things would happen quickly so that he would be free from this body, and pain.

They've been married 47 1/2 years.

I can't imagine what this is like - for either of them.

Now I realize why God has been strengthening me this week. So that I can walk alongside her, and our other friends who will be mourning our loss and Henry's gain... even if it doesn't come today, or tomorrow, or even this week....

Their most recent request that went out on the prayer chain follows.

"Please pray for Henry and Sandy who are gathered with their family. Pray that Henry will be able to be kept comfortable during this time. Please pray for the Lord's timing in Henry's life."

My heart aches for them.
And I am out of words.

Please join us all in prayer for them, and for their family.

On the road...

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