Friday, June 11, 2010

Special prayers for an outreach concert....

Short update here - I have other stuff to post about, but wanted to share this bit.

Our youth group at our church had been going through a book called "Hard things." Basically it challenged them because it talked about how the world views teens, that they are unable to do much more than go to school and make their beds.... much less have an impact on this world. The writers of the book challenged them to stand above and beyond what society expects of them.

The kids started dreaming about what they could do together as a youth group to impact their world.... when.... Haiti was hit by the earth quake.

After much praying, they felt God was giving them a vision to put together a Christian Music Festival as a benefit for Haiti.

They started doing some leg work, and dreaming of headliner Christian bands they could try to get.

They got a person to help them contact and make contracts with some bands. They picked a date, searched out sponsors in local businesses. They have partnered with Fellowship of Christian Athletes. They have raised funds to pay the bands, shared their vision with the community. They got food vendors coming in to donate some of their proceeds to the Haiti relief fund. They have gotten a comedian to be their MC, got local bands to fill time slots earlier in the day - and prayed like crazy.

Our local outdoor concert venue, Marathon Park is where it will be held.
This weekend.

These kids are ON FIRE for Jesus.

One of their visions was to raise funds for Haiti by selling enough tickets. They are weekend passes to get into the event for both Friday and Saturday. The grandstand and surrounding grassy areas can seat over 9,000 people. They are hoping to break the records for the park. The weather may affect some of this, but God can do anything!!!!

Another vision of theirs was to focus as well on outreach to fellow youth and young adults who don't know Christ. They are very passionate about this, and so purposely sought out a main line band, Seventh Day Slumber to be the final band tonight. They give an amazing alter call during their concert and have said that about 50% of the audience comes forward at most of their concerts. Probably half of those are rededicating their lives to Christ, or surrendering something to God, the other half are turning their lives and hearts over to Jesus for the first time.

Many, if not most of our adults are involved, one way or another.

Those who don't feel they "fit" with the type of music that is going to be at this festival are feeling called to pray for the event. They have a prayer tent set up. There are areas to pray one on one with someone, for people to pray over the country of Haiti, and for prayer counselors to talk through and explain the decision that someone makes to come to Christ.

I am so excited to see what God is going to do here. This is our little youth group of no more than 30 kids. They, along with their parents and other adults have raised multiple of thousands of dollars to even be able to host the event. We are praying that we will more than break even so we can donate money to Haiti...

.. but at the same time, one of the biggest things our senior pastor is praying is this.... So, what if we don't break even? What if our church ends up in debt because of stepping out in faith and supporting our kids? Is it worth it?

Is the possible debt, along with all the stress and hard work everyone has put in really worth it? How do you measure that worth?

What if 100 people come to Christ?
What about 50?
What about 25?

Or even 5?

Is any subsequent debt or exhaustion, or depleted resources worth the destiny of even ONE eternal soul.

I know how I would answer that.

If it cost me $20,000 or more for one lost person - who was destined for hell - to get turned around and have a personal relationship with Christ, to know they have eternal security, to know that they are Christ's forever.... and who knows what they will do in their life time.....


That's it.
The end.
No question.

I know that is the answer our senior pastor has come down to as well.

Please pray for us. There are supposed to be some storms re-developing this evening. I know the enemy would love to do anything and everything to stop Seventh Day Slumber from going on tonight and giving an alter call.
Pray for those who are there, no matter who they encounter, may they hear about Christ. Pray that people in the neighborhood around the park would hear the music and come on in... to find out what is going on, even if its only because they want to make a donation to Haiti..... but that they would find Christ.
Pray for protection and peace for our kids and adults helping. Pray that the members and attenders of our church who are not there for one reason or another would be praying and covering us in prayer.

Please - we need your prayer. The people coming need your prayers.

May God bless you!
Thank you for praying!

thank you for giving me a platform from which to share this.

If I get the chance tonight when I get home, I will try to update with a short note here to let you know how tonight went. I will be back up there again tomorrow, though not as late to help in any way I can.

Thank you all!
Love you, and I will talk to you all soon!

On the road.... walking with Jesus

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