Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Quick Update...

Well, I made it through counseling. I am tired, we didn’t hit anything real hard. We just talked through things a bit.

Peter made it through his first day of school. He really loved it, was excited to go, and still happy when he got home, though he was very tired.

I got the chance to sit at the coffee shop this morning before counseling, and got to visit with my friend Cindy afterwards. It was really good to have those things today.

One thing to pray for, is that I feel like I am getting this cold reoccurring. I feel all stuffed up and my coughing has gotten worse.

Please pray that I will be able to feel better soon, and get a couple of really good nights of sleep. Once I sleep well a couple of nights, hopefully I will be able to kick it once and for all. I hope. Right now I am completely physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted. I feel like I am going to fall apart… and it’s a different feeling than when I came back from last week’s session and was so rattled from the intensity of it.

I fell apart at Cindy’s today when she prayed for me… surprise, surprise!

I just feel rather overwhelmed. I am praying that a good night’s sleep will help. And then maybe I can process through some of this and pull myself together.

Thank you all for your prayers! Love you all.

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