Friday, September 19, 2008

My journey, a poem...

This past weekend I was sitting at my desk, watching the grey skies, and the rain.

It was cold and breezy, and a perfect day to snuggle up with a blanket, a book and a hot mug of coffee.

I was catching up on my blog reading, and thinking about my past post about anger. as I sat there and thought, some phrases kept coming into my head. I just couldn’t get them out.

So finally I started writing. In about a half hour, maybe a bit more, I had the following poem all written out. I thought I would leave it here for you all to read. Another “Dancing in the streets” thing, I think. Another reason to “Greatly Rejoice.”

My Journey

In the depths of disillusionment and despair,
From the cell of my own making,
I looked up, and I saw Him there.

Wrapped in light and looking down at me
He whispered into my heart
“Do you want to be set free?”

I trembled as I started to imagine what might be;
“How do I answer that question?
The possibilities are endless, if I were really free.”

The choices to make, of which way to go;
The wide open, green plains
Or the mountains capped with snow?

I started to shake even more,
The possibilities dazzled me,
Filled me with fear to my very core.

For my cell was all I knew.
Despair covered me,
As away from that light I drew.

“How can I be free?”
I whispered, “I know what I did!
I know what was done to me!”

He answered me, as I began to cry;
“So do I, my child,
“That’s why I sent My Son to die.”

“I have tried and tried,
“But I can’t,” I sobbed,
“I can’t leave the pain to which I’m tied.”

Then I felt His gentle hand
Untie the cords
And help me to stand.

He lifted me up, into His light.
I couldn’t resist Him,
I didn’t even try to fight.

The pain was intense, in His hold.
But I knew He was healing me,
Without needing to be told.

All the old flesh was stripped away,
As we drew closer
To the bright fresh light of day.

As I began to see more clearly,
“I’m angry!” I cried.
“Why did You let all these things inside?”

“To help you to trust Me,”
He said with such love.
“And to purify your faith in the One up above.”

“To draw you closer to my Son,
Jesus, who died
So we could be one.”

“To teach you to reach out to
The One called alongside,
My Holy Spirit who will never hide.”

My breath caught in my throat and my voice was stilled.
I realized I had a choice.
Would I with bitterness always be filled?

Everything in me shook as I turned.
Would I see disappointment
And from Him be spurned?

But instead of what I feared to see,
I found love and acceptance,
And all He hoped me to be.

To be healed, cleansed, free and whole.
To reach out to others.
To bring light to another dark soul.

Wrapped in His love, I have one mission.
To be a healed helper
With only Him to fill my vision.

By Heather Kudla 09-13-08

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