Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New things...

My son, Peter, is heading into his first day at 4 year old Kindergarten tomorrow. I don’t think he is nervous, though from time to time he says he doesn’t want to go, and then he asks me more about it.

He got to see his classroom, and play with some of the toys in there, and interact with the kids a week ago. He really liked it, and seemed to be excited about it.

I have all his things ready to go.
I am not sure I am ready to go!

For some reason, I think I am more nervous than he is… could that be?! He is only going to be gone 3 days a week, M-W-F, from 8-3.

Maybe part of it is tomorrow is the first day. I am trying to make sure that he has everything together for the day…. You know, sleeping bag for nap time (I am not letting him take his puppy he sleeps with, with him… he doesn’t realize that he will be resting without it yet) His back pack, folder, and some paperwork for his teacher, money for lunch.

Then I have to get both him and his younger sister up and fed early enough to get him out of the house and to school on time.

Add to that, I have another counseling session tomorrow.

So I have to get myself ready as well. I don’t HAVE to have everything for me ready to go when I take him to school. But I would really like to get it all set so that after I drop him off at school, I can go to the local coffee shop and use the time to try to relax.

So, I guess that there are two pray requests for tomorrow. Pray that my son will have a good first day, and that his mom will be able to let him go without forgetting anything, or worrying too much.

The other would be for me. That I would be able to be calm and allow God’s peace to fill me. That I would trust in Him for everything, especially during the session tomorrow. I feel like I have to do this on my own and “force” through it all by myself, and I know that is wrong. We will only get somewhere if I allow God to work and not try to force my “own agenda.”

I hope that makes sense. It’s been a long day, and I am tired, and it’s only 3:30 in the afternoon! I have yet to get through tonight, and get to bed at a decent time.

I had a good Sunday and Monday though. I got a wonderful chance to spend some time out at my in-laws farm. I got to relax on a swing, overlooking a lake, in the warm wind… reading and praying. It was really nice, and I felt like I was finally able to rest a bit in God’s peace.
I am trying to cling to that, but right now it feels like it is slipping away.

I am going all over the place right now in this post. My thoughts are everywhere, if you couldn’t tell.

Thank you so much for your help, and for your prayers for me and my family.

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