Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Against this granite...

This past week I received an email of encouragement. A friend said that he believes in his spirit that I am facing some really impossible circumstances.

He sent me a visual.

That rock there may look small, but it is granite. There is absolutely no way that I can even wiggle it.

That rock.

That impossible circumstance

no way of getting over it, around it, through it.


I feel bruised and broken.
Bashing myself again and again against this granite boulder.

Impossible. Immovable.

The granite stands firm against my all.

There is a way through, though it is unseen by me.

There is always a way through.
Created by God, needed by me.

Unseen until I search.

Unseen until I stoop down, and look closely.

Still an impossible situation.
Still a granite boulder that I cannot move.

But God.

My Jesus has provided a way through even this circumstance
this pain
this ache in my heart.

I haven't yet found the way through
or have I?

With no eyes to see,
certainties waver,
confidence dims.

In that dimming,
disappointments abound.

Inability to communicate.

Unwillingness to listen.

The wanting to share,
the fear of the pushing away


I'm hurt,
yet the yearning to be one, to be whole and complete
keeps me in this place,
brings me to my knees in the unknowing

The unknowing of the future
the wanting to know

the longing
for His path through
and His purification in the process,

painful though it may be.

Proverbs 18:10
"The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run to it and are safe."


Liz said...

Heather, keep looking for those visuals...they will remind you! He is a strong tower! Thank you for your post. He always provides a way through. I have traveled a very painful road as well...and even some have been impatient with me as they think I am too slow in working through it. God knows our every need, He knows how long it takes to move through granite!

Your words,
"Inability to communicate.

Unwillingness to listen.

The wanting to share,
the fear of the pushing away"

I understand. People might push you away, but don't be afraid, God never will. And then He will give you friends who will stick with you through the pain. Hang in there!

Andrea said...

God is faithful, and will give you strength, not allowing you to go through more than you can bear. In His hiding place, you will find shelter from your storm. In His arms, you will find safe love that will carry you through this trial. Rest in Him. Trust in His mighty name, and the Lord will bring it to pass. He loves you with an everlasting love, and you're never removed from His care.


elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Beautiful words of the heart. Beautiful illustration.

Keep to Jesus, Heather. All things are working together for our good, and that good is our perfect holiness in Jesus Christ.

Love you~elaine

Yolanda said...

Keep your face turned towards The Son!


Bringer of Peace said...

Interesting that you spoke of 'stones' and 'granite'. Someone just shared a study about 'stones' in the Bible. For one thing Jesus is called the Rock of Ages. I'm glad He doesn't 'move'.

After the flood Noah took some broken stones and built an alter to give thanks for life itself.

Jesus promises to make us 'living stones', precious and beautiful.

Your sharing has encouraged me. God is making you one of His precious ones.