Tuesday, January 26, 2010

...attacks coming, learning and growth... prayer needed

On of the things I learned last week is that God will use anyone and anything to speak to you.

Duh, right?

I have learned this before.

I got to meet with the speaker for our women's retreat (coming up at the beginning of February) this past week.

We met to talk about the music that I will be preparing. I wanted to make sure that it dovetailed with her talks. I didn't want to move from upbeat praise to a real introspective talk, etc.

We talked about all sorts of things, getting to know each other. Let me tell you, from right off, I really liked her. I just felt we "clicked," if that makes sense on a first meeting of someone. (For most of you out there, you will get this!!)

Anyway, I felt very comfortable sharing part of my story with her, of depression. I honestly don't remember HOW much I shared, but some of my counseling with Tricia, and some of how I have been recently dealing with depression.

As we talked more, I also shared with how 2 women have had to drop off the team in the course of planning (one of them being my dear friend, Cindy).

She looked at me, at one point in our conversation and said something to the effect of:

Sometimes when we face the most oppression (referencing Cindy and the other gal dropping off, my depression, and some things she is dealing with) is just when God is going to do something really big.

That hit me like a ton of bricks.

It got a bit of fire in my belly... making me think that I am not going to go down under this. I am not going to let the enemy get the best of me, or take me out and interfere with whatever God wants to do.

So, God already used her to teach me something, to remind me of something... to get me up and fighting again.

Please pray, because I really think our team, our speaker, and the women coming to the retreat are really being hit hard.

Another person off our team is not going to the retreat. She will help finish organizing us and help set up, but is not attending. We are down to 3 on the team now for the weekend.

Another woman came to me and because of something that God has made her aware of in there life, she almost decided not to come. She has signed up and paid her money, but expressed some reservations. I am thankful that she talked to me, because I was able to (hopefully) help her to not be concerned.

I need prayer as I prepare in the next week and a half. I am worn out from this past weekend of work on the Annual Celebration at our church. It was a wonderful time, but the extra hours have caught up with me today.

And God used that conversation with the woman who almost didn't sign up for the retreat to point some things out in my heart.... but more on that later I think. That's another post.

Here are a few things I could use help with.

  1. Prayer as I prepare the worship, as I pray for each of the women coming.
  2. Prayer for me as well, that I don't get so caught up in planning, leading, and my responsibilities that I miss out on hearing what God has to say to me through this weekend.
  3. Prayer for our speaker as she prepares her talks and how to communicate on the theme of Brokenness.
  4. Prayer for our team as we seek Him, and try to make sure we have everything covered.
  5. Prayer for all of us attending that God would speak to our very hearts, in very personal ways.
  6. Prayer that we would respond to Him, and surrender all to Him.
  7. Prayer for protection from the enemies attacks.

These are my major requests. As God leads you to other prayers for us, please do. He knows what we all need. I just hope and pray that we will feel the unity of His Spirit moving there, and that the enemy would have no ground, no way of interfering with any of the retreat.


Lelia Chealey said...

I will pray for you Heather and all the other requests too. He sees you friend, day in and day out.

Amy said...

Heather, I will be much in prayer for you, your planning team and the speaker. I once had a preacher tell me that "when you are the most unconformble is when God will use you the most." I also desire your prayers as I am leading a group that is planning a one-day women's conf. titled "walking throught the storms of our lives". I will also be one of the speakers, sharing my walk with Christ through depression.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Serving the Lord in the way that you are is a right and good thing Heather. It can also be exhausting. I'm in the middle of such a season. Even as I pray for myself, I will pray for as well.


stephseef said...

heather, I'll be praying! is it this weekend? you know i'm speaking in point on saturday, right? hope you can come!!! love ya.

Anonymous said...
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