Friday, July 3, 2009

Sap vs. maple syrup....

Over the next week, I will be intensively working on my talks for She Speaks. I need to organize them and focus them.

My small group leader prayed for me tonight. His prayer was exactly what I needed. The analogy he used was perfect. He said in his prayer for me, exactly what I had been thinking but didn't have the words for at the time.

Right now I have so much information and ideas....

......I need to go through the "sugaring process."

Sap comes out of the sugar maple tree, but can't be used directly on pancakes, it needs to be refined.

Boiled down.


I have way too much information. The real message that I want to share, that I feel God leading me to share is getting lost in all the other stuff that is there. Maybe some of that other stuff is for me to learn, and store in my own heart for some other time.

But there is some stuff that I know is there for those who listen to me that weekend. There is some stuff that is for some others who might hear it before or after.

I need to spend this time organizing, straightening out, and clarifying what I already have written down.

More than that, I have to get concise. I have to boil off the water, and the impurities, to get down to the real, deep sweetness at the center of what God has given me to say.

I want to pure sweetness of God's word to be tasted. I want the Spirit to so speak through me, that no matter how my presentation actually goes, whether I get good "ratings" or not, God has been heard, using my voice as His instrument.

More than anything, I would love to have one person hear my testimony and see that God can heal and redeem anything, and can break the chains of bondage surrounding their heart. I want one person who hears my teaching talk to realize, not only in their head, but their heart that not one thing could separate them from the love of Christ, and that they are overwhelming victors in the middle of whatever junk they are going through... whether they feel it emotionally or not.

That would the message of each of my talks. Right there.


Hmmm. That is under the time limits of 3 and 5 minutes.
You think that would fly?

No. Probably not.
Oh well, it was worth a try!


But seriously. If I can take the scriptures I have and show those things, flesh them out some, and bring it back to the main point.

God's power in us brings us the victory.
His Spirit in us gives us the strength to stand in the midst of the pains and trials.
Nothing the world can throw at us will separate us from His love.

He redeems.
He saves.
He breaks the shackles binding us.

He sets us free to tell others of His wonderful deeds, and His reckless love for us.

That would be sweet!

The extra sap of overflowing thoughts and information boiled down to the pure, dark, sweet maple syrup of the truth of God active, through His Word, and in the lives of all of us.


Unknown said...

Hi, Heather! I'll be praying for you as you put the finishing touches on your talks--I remember what a nerve-wracking, exhilarating feeling that was!

I hope you are doing well, it sounds like things are revving up! I hope you have a good time at SheSpeaks. I will miss not having this opportunity to meet you "in the flesh"!

Maybe next year...

Deb said...


I'm so glad that you're going to She Speaks...I went in 2007 and wish I were going this year. Oh well, maybe next year.

Info overload. Yes, I feel that, too. Ideas, concepts, scripture--can be overwhelming.

I really hear your heart in the paragraph where you talk about how "God can heal and redeem anything and break the chains of bondage surrounding their heart."

That's where I live.

That's what I want engraved on my heart.

That's what I hope for.

Maybe others need to hear that as well.

Praying for you.

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elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Think one snapshot, friend. You won't have time for anything else. Stick to the fact start with that. Shock the socks off them with the very first sentence. Your first sentence should say it all. End with it. And then if there's time, add some filler.

Don't worry; God will provide you with you need in the moment.

Wish I could be there.


Jill Beran said...

Heather, how exciting to hear you will be at She Speaks - still can't believe I'm going. Though there's worry and lots to do, I know it's where God is leading. I love this post and all you had to say - He will speak thru you in NC as well. So where in Wisconsin do you live? Where are you flying from? Send me an email and maybe we could talk a bit more.

Danielle said...


I hear your heart, sister! I will be at She Speaks and I hope I'm the same speaker eval group so I can hear your testimony.

I'm getting more excited and yet more nervous and scared the closer the date comes! But, I know that this is where God is leading me so if I can just get out of the way, all will be well.

Praying for you!

Danielle said...

Heather, we are in the same group! I got the email from Amy, too. Oh, I'm so excited.

I will be praying for you, sister. Don't know what scripture you use to combat your fear, but I love 2 Tim have been given a spirt of POWER, LOVE and A SOUND MIND!!! Amen, and Amen!

A women that goes to the Meeting House with me, the 1st one to ever encourage me years ago to step out and let God work is also a speaker for anther women's group. She's an older woman whom I adore and she let me run my stuff over her the other day. I thought I was going to be so nervious, but it turned out good. God be praised!

I'm worried about getting up in front of strangers. I've tried memorizing what I could from both my talks/teaching, but I don't have the best

I will be praying for you, too!

Are you flying in on Friday morning or afternoon?

I wish they'd let us know who we're rooming with.

Love in Christ,

Yolanda said...


I think you and your talk are gonna rock because YOU HAVE THE ROCK ON YOUR SIDE. I loved this, love love loved this. What a visual, for a very visual learner.