Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My cat... please pray

Update! Skitz came back last night right before I went to bed. Praise God! I heard the jingling of his tags on his collar. I went out with a flashlight and found him in the kids sandbox, and as soon as he saw me he headed for the door. Thanks for praying!

To those of you who aren't cat people, or animal people, this might seem a bit strange... but could you please pray for us?
One of our cats got out tonight. We aren't exactly sure when, but he ran for the hills when he did. Our female cat tends to stay near the house... but the other one likes to wander. They are both indoor cats.

I walked around the block and called for him. We left food out for him. My husband has to go to bed, as do I, and still no sign of Skitz. The neighbor boy is hanging around for a while and will keep an eye out for him as he tends to come right back up to our deck door.

Please pray that he is safe, and doesn't get run over, or something awful. Please pray that he comes back tonight or there will be some VERY sad people around this house tomorrow... and I don't mean just the kids. And pray that I will be able to get some sleep tonight and not worry about him.

Thanks so much

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Danielle said...

Praying God brings you peace!