Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Prayer request for my friend and her family...

Update below!

Hi there. I am going to post a prayer request here, in hopes that enough people will see it and start praying for my friend Cindy and her family.

Cindy's mom Janie, has been fighting ovarian cancer. She underwent some pretty serious chemo a few weeks ago, and then had a bowel blockage. She underwent arthroscopic surgery to put in a colostomy. She came through that surgery fine, was supposed to go home on Friday, but Thursday night her fever spiked and so did her blood pressure. She finally came home on Monday.

Cindy's sister Cher has been taking care of Janie through out all the rounds of chemo, and the continuing side effects and has been staying with her at the hospital. She was called on Friday to go to meet her 16 yr old son at the doctor's office. He was diagnosed with a sinus infection, given antibiotic and sent home. Then the next day he was worse, so went to the hospital where they gave more antibiotics, and told he had pneumonia. He stayed overnight, and then came home.

Now Janie is at home, in the care of her 19 yr old granddaughter, and Cher just went by ambulance to the hospital again with her son Timothy. We don't yet know what is wrong with Timothy. He has a heart condition, since he was 6, and that could be causing problems. We just don't know.

Cindy said that she had called Cher just as they arrived at the hospital tonight, and so wasn't able to get any information. She is waiting for a call back to find out what is going on, and if she is needed to travel to Nashville to help out.

Neither Cher, her family, or Janie their mom, are Christians. Please if you could, pray for their salvation. Pray for health for the family. Pray for Janie that she will stay stabilized and will be ok to deal with for her granddaughter.
Pray for Cher that she will be able to take care of her son. Pray that it isn't Timothy's heart that is causing problems though the pneumonia could be serious too. Pray for physical healing for both Timothy and Janie.
Pray for peace for all of the family.
And if Cindy has to travel tomorrow, pray for her safety as she drives, and that she can leave all of her family in our Father's hands. She is currently doing laundry in anticipation of leaving if she is needed at a moments notice.

Thank you all so much for praying and I will be posting updates as soon as I know any. I know Cindy will send me an email, if not call, sometime tomorrow. I also told her I would call tomorrow, late afternoon to see how things are and where she is at.

I will update as soon as I know more!
Thank you again, and God bless,

Update: I talked with Cindy this afternoon. She was on the phone only briefly with me, but her nephew Timothy is still in the hospital. His O2 stats were so low, that he had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. He is currently on oxygen. His stats were in the 60s, and should be in the upper 90s so he wasn't doing well. Cindy said that he is currently on 30% oxygen. My husband said that means he is probably on a face mask. Please continue in prayer for them all, and that the pneumonia would clear up and not put too much stress on his heart. Thanks!

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Rachel Beran said...

I said a prayer right now for all of these precious friends of yours, Heather. I'll check back for an update.