Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Traditions Interrupted

Well my dad is home.  The doctor really didn't know what caused the pain or inflammation.  They had him on antibiotics and his high blood count seemed to come down some, so they sent him home.  So he is home and supposed to follow up with his doctor... He was very tired tonight so I didn't talk directly to him, he was in bed when I called.  Keep on praying for him, that they would be able to figure out what it was, so that he can avoid it again.  Thank you!!!


Our family traditions with my side of the family got interrupted this year.

Last night I got a call from my brother that my dad had been having abdominal pain all day, cramping, etc.  He was thinking it was something that he ate.  By the end of the day he had called my mom to come home and take him to the hospital.

When my mom arrived home, he was in such a bad way that she called 911.

Once they heard a little more, my brother called me back and said that all his blood work was good and the EKG was fine too, and that there was nothing wrong with his heart.  They had to wait for a while for a CT scan.  Once the results of that came back, my brother called me back again.

The CT scan seemed to show inflammation in his lower small intestine.  The word they were throwing around was diverticulitis.  My hubby, the nurse, said that didn't seem to make sense as diverticulitis usually is in the large intestine.  They admitted him to the hospital overnight last night.

Right now, that's still where things stand.  We don't know anymore this morning than we did last night.  My mom finally got home from the hospital to get some food and sleep at midnight last night.

We were all supposed to head for Madison today to connect with my family there and celebrate Christmas.  However my mom and dad and brother will not be traveling.  I hope to hear more soon about my dad, but for now we are staying home.

Also, my daughter woke me up this morning and ended up getting sick to her stomach.  So, even if my dad weren't in the hospital, we probably wouldn't be traveling.  I don't know when we will gather with my family, but at least we will be home with my hubby who had to work today and tomorrow.  We can spend tonight and tomorrow morning with him.

Please do pray for my dad, that the doctors would figure out what is going on, so that they can treat him properly and he can get home soon.

Thanks so much, God bless and have a wonderful Christmas.

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