Thursday, May 20, 2010

Help me love You

Help me love You
all my days,
And praise You forever
for all the ways

You've been faithful to me
No matter what I do.
You've loved me even
When I haven't been true.

I feel bruised and broken
And all I want to do is cry.
You don't want me to just live
Yet deep inside really die.

You want me to make the choice
To cling only to You,
There to find the joy and rest
In Your arms so true.

Oh Lord! Help me to believe
deep in my heart
That nothing will ever tear
the two of us apart.

Oh my Father, help me to start
to make the right choices
and to stop listening
to all the wrong voices

That tell me that if I walk away
I can always come back again,
And expect that our relationship
will always be what it's always been.

You have rescued me from the dominion of darkness
and brought me into Your Kingdom
In you all things hold together,
including me, no matter what I run from.

Oh Jesus, hold me together!
I feel as if I'm breaking
Into millions of pieces!
I just can't keep on faking.

In the lonely dark
All I want is to turn to you.
When I turn the other way
I hate what I do.

Change my heart, my mind, my life.
Comfort, hold, fill, and heal me.
Only living in you, Jesus,
Will really keep me free.

(c) Copyright 2010 Heather Kudla. All rights reserved.

1 comment:

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

A prayer from a sincere heart... when prayed from that place of honest confession, our Father is honored and is faithful to answer.

Keep praying and believing, Heather; God has not forgotten you and wants you to be well and whole. Only he is able to meet your need. I pray the same for myself.